6 Ways To Keep Your Smartphone Running Like New

1. Keep your software updated

The latest version of your phone’s operating system, whether iOS or Android, often contains updates and bug fixes to make your phone run more smoothly and more quickly. On an Android smartphone or an iPhone, you can check for updates via the Settings app. 

2. Uninstall apps that you don’t need anymore

Almost everyone has installed some apps that have outlived their utility — maybe an app for that airline you flew only once, the camera app that you never could get the hang of, or a game that just wasn’t as entertaining as you’d anticipated. It’s fine to change your mind about an app, but make sure that you uninstall the ones you don’t need. Unnecessary apps use up storage, and even system resources if they’re occasionally running tasks in the background, so periodically evaluate the apps you have on your device and get rid of the ones that aren’t useful to you anymore.

3. Cut down on background tasks

In both iOS and Android, you can take a few steps to make sure that the apps you decide to keep aren’t negatively impacting the performance of your phone. On Android, consider reducing the frequency with which apps like your favorite mail app, or social media apps like Facebook, connect to your account and load new updates. In iOS, be mindful of which apps have Background App Refresh enabled, and consider reducing that number to decrease the resources being used in the background.

4. Clean up your home screen

Android’s many home screen options make it easy to have everything you need within easy reach. But if you get carried away, a cluttered home screen can impact how quickly your phone runs. Get rid of unnecessary icons and only keep the widgets that are really useful for you. The same goes for iOS.

5. Reduce animations

If your phone is slow to move from one task to another, consider turning off some of the animations that appear throughout the operating system. If you’re using a live wallpaper, consider replacing it with a static image.


3 thoughts on “6 Ways To Keep Your Smartphone Running Like New

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